About Natalia

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When it comes to best friends, Natalia is the best of the best! So loving, so kind, so warm hearted and loyal. She’s such a caring person and I don’t know what I’d do without her! She’s pushed me to be a better person and encouraged me to get back into the church (which was the best thing that I could’ve done — getting involved in Hillsong NYC is probably the best thing that has happened to me — and I give Natalia full credit for that!) She is also my roommate and BFFFF for LIFE!

Oh! And did I mention that she’s an awesome DIY-Home Depot-Hammer and Nail-Wild Jungle-Brazillian kind of girl? Hand her a worn down piece of nothing and she’ll turn it into something magical. I swear this chick has a sixth sense for restoration.

She also has a knack for living a healthy lifestyle. As the DIY and Lifestyle Editor, her posts will bring you amazing DIY projects, healthy living recipes/tips, and an inside look into her life as a professional restoration guru/interior designer.

Check back on a regular basis to see more from Natalia!

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